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Kirkus Reviews

“A little girl learns to step out of her bubble of safety and into the scary world of friendship in this beautifully painted, rhyming picture book from debut author McGlincy and artist Meunier…An imaginative, inspired depiction of emerging from isolation.”
-Kirkus Reviews


A Mother’s Journey Outside the Bubble

“I don’t count the days I live past the average,
but as Wheezie and my daughter become my
legacy, I certainly become more aware. I have a small girl who now relies on me to be here, but the fact of the matter is that one day I won’t. It might be 60 years from now, God willing, or it might be tomorrow. In any case, I hope that she references the dedication in the book that will read “For Pippa” and harnesses the courage to step outside whatever bubble she might be living in at that point.